The fastest route to the right frictional locking

RINGSPANN has opened its new online shop for Shaft-Hub-Connections

Engineers and purchasers can now supply themselves even faster with high-grade shaft-hub-connections for their drive systems. Just a few days ago, premium manufacturer RINGSPANN opened the online shop for this product group of its portfolio. Thanks to the focused layout of the selection menu, the online platform offers direct access to an extensive range of Shrink Discs, Cone Clamping Elements and Star Discs for the outer and inner connection of shafts and hubs connected via friction lining.

Bad Homburg, June 2017. – “We share the conviction that the online business in the B2B sector will continue to gain in significance in the future. We want to actively help shape this development with our newly opened online shop”, says Franz Eisele, who leads the Brake and Couplings Division at RINGSPANN. And a first glimpse at the online platform activated just a few days ago makes clear: the new RINGSPANN Shaft-Hub-Connections online shop is setting new standards. Not only does it offer access to what is currently one of the widest ranges of Shrink Discs, Cone Clamping Elements and Star Discs, but it also convinces thanks to its excellent menu navigation. The engineer or purchaser will immediately get to grips with it and, thanks to clearly defined selection filters, will swiftly be able to locate the right frictional locking connection for his specific application. If, for example, he requires external clamping for a play-free connection of a hollow shaft with a hub, he can refine his search with just five parameters in a first step, and another mouse click already takes him to the quantity-scaled price list. From here, he can immediately place his order.

Plenty of choice and lots of information

Since RINGSPANN has incorporated its new Shaft-Hub-Connections online shop content-wise into the overall offer of its website, www.ringspann.de, the user is able to call up a whole host of useful further information on the individual products while simultaneously placing his online order. While the engineer can access the drawing or the CAD model at the touch of a button, the purchaser can download the datasheets of the respective Shaft-Hub-Connections, or the entire product catalogue 2017/18 with the numerous new developments. Often equally helpful in the decision-making process is the link to installation information and user manuals – as we said: everything is directly accessible from the online shop.

The new releases are also already online

The new three-part Shrink Discs (RLK 603 S series) can also be found in RINGSPANN’s Shaft-Hub-Connections online shop, which convince thanks to their attractive price and their high power densities, as well as double slotted premium elements RLK ... TC (true centring), which convince thanks to extremely high centring accuracies. Additionally, the RLK 608 and RLK 603 product series, which last year were expanded with Shrink Discs with large diameters for the external clamping of hollow shafts, can also be found in the new shaft-hub-connections online shop. “The next expansion measure on our agenda is the addition of further catalogue products – that is what we are currently working on”, says RINGSPANN division head Franz Eisele.

By the way: a couple of weeks ago RINGSPANN updated its online calculation tool with the improved frictional locking calculation method for the design of its Shaft-Hub-Connections. It not only takes into consideration all key standard parameters (hub dimensions, surface pressure, torque, tightening torques etc.), but can calculate the torque to be transmitted, even under consideration of the axial forces and additional bending moments!

Opened just a few days ago: The new Shaft-Hub-Connections online shop of RINGSPANN. It offers direct access to a wide range of Shrink Discs, Cone Clamping Elements and Star Discs. (Image: Ringspann)
The new RINGSPANN Shaft-Hub-Connections online shop does not only offer access to what is currently one of the widest ranges of Shrink Discs, Cone Clamping Elements and Star Discs, but it also convinces thanks to its excellent menu navigation. (Image: Ringspann)
The current RINGSPANN portfolio of Shaft-Hub-Connections encompasses more than 25 product series and torque ranges from as little as 0.16 Nm, all the way up to a tremendous 4,225,000 Nm. (Image: Ringspann)
A real highlight of the current RINGSPANN range of Shaft-Hub-Connections are the new double-slotted premium elements RLK ... TC (true centring) with their very high centring accuracies. (Image: Ringspann)