High-Performance Freewheels in stainless steel

This new product enlarge the area of applications for freewheels significantly.

The company RINGSPANN has earned a reputation as manufacturer of high-quality, technologically advanced Power Transmission Components, Clamping Fixtures and Remote Control Systems. RINGSPANN is worldwide the market leader in Industrial Freewheels.

Freewheel applications in food- and packing machines or the marine technology have high demands in terms of corrosion- and acid resistance. Until now stainless steels were just contingently suitable in usage of industrial freewheels, because of the low transmissible torques. Due to the collaboration with leading material producers RINGSPANN specified a stainless steel which can transmit high torques.

Based on this steel RINGSPANN has developed a series of powerful Complete Freewheels FBS in stainless steel with the following characteristics:

  • maximum torques up to 10.000 Nm
  • corrosion-resistant
  • acid-resistant, for example to nitric-acid
  • lubricated with grease or oil (also with food compatible lubricants)
  • optionally equipped with food compatible, or customer requested seals
Complete Freewheels FBS
High-Performance Freewheels in stainless steel