”Enormous densification of performance”

RINGSPANN begins 2018 with the takeover of an Italian brake manufacturer

With the completed takeover of the Italian brake manufacturer Ostelectric at the start of the year, RINGSPANN has simultaneously achieved two important milestones of its overall strategy: Firstly, it means that the business group continues to pursue its strategy of internationalisation, and secondly, it rounds off its portfolio in the field of industrial brake technology. This means that, in addition to freewheels, shaft-hub-connections, overload and shaft clutches and mechanical remote control systems, purchasers of drive components will now also be able to find all common industrial brake models at RINGSPANN – including the suitable control systems.

Bad Homburg/ Limbiate (IT), January 2018. – The rapid internationalisation of the group and the systematic further development of the company on its path towards becoming a one-stop supplier for high-quality components of industrial drive technology are core aspects of RINGSPANN’s overall strategy. “With the takeover of the brake manufacturer Ostelectric from Limbiate in northern Italy that was completed on 1 January of this year, we are taking a significant step towards achieving these targets”, says Ernst Fritzemeier, the Director of Technology, Production and Procurement at RINGSPANN. While the Bad Homburg company has been offering an ever-growing selection of stopping, control and holding brakes in different designs for braking torques ranging from 0.5 to 325,000 Nm for more than 40 years, this latest takeover means it is now expanding its range of industrial brakes. Ernst Fritzemeier draws attention to the key point: “Ostelectric not only possesses a high degree of engineering and manufacturing expertise in the field of electro-hydraulic drum and disc brakes, it specifically belongs to an established circle of manufacturers of electro-hydraulic lifting devices, which are among the most important functional elements of these brake types. This takeover thus also allows us strengthen our development and manufacturing expertise in that area.”

Production site to remain near Milan

In the field of electro-hydraulic disc brakes, the RINGSPANN’s industrial brake range now spans braking forces ranging from 200 to 19,900 Nm, while the selection of electro-hydraulic drum brakes now offers 230 to 7,200 Nm of braking torque. “The integration of the Ostelectric range in our portfolio results in an enormous densification of performance in our range of brakes, and at the same time means that RINGSPANN customers can with immediate effect get all relevant design and functional types of industrial brakes – including the suitable control systems”, emphasises Ernst Fritzemeier.

The takeover agreement envisages keeping the production site Limbiate at Milan’s doorstep, while transferring the wide-ranging brake expertise of the Italian manufacturer to the RINGSPANN headquarters in Bad Homburg. This process will be led by the previous owner of Ostelectric, Roberto Casini. As an expert of the international markets, he will furthermore be operating as a consultant for RINGSPANN for the next three years. The entire workforce of Ostelectric will be kept on and will operate under the personnel management of RINGSPANN Italia in the neighbouring municipality of Lainate.

All brake types from a single source

The industrial brakes of RINGSPANN are deployed among other things as stopping, control and holding systems in conveyor and crane systems, lifting and handling systems, mining and construction machines as well as in marine technology, recycling technology and metallurgy. With the integration of electro-hydraulic drum and disc brakes of Ostelectric into the RINGSPANN portfolio, the customers now have a technologically almost comprehensive range of brakes, which comprises all currently conceivable functional and design types. Beyond the standard range, RINGSPANN is also a sought-after partner when it comes to developing customer-specific special solutions. In order to make it easier for designers and engineers to select the right brake, RINGSPANN has also developed a calculation tool that can be used here. It is easy to use and enables you to determine braking torques (clamping forces) and braking forces. It allows you for example to calculate the braking of rotating masses (e.g. shafts), chassis, cable winches and conveyor belts.

Ringspann-0118 4
Successful conclusion: The previous Ostelectric owner, Roberto Casini (right), and Antonio Trondoli (left), General Manager of RINGSPANN Italia, immediately after signing the takeover agreement. (Image: Ringspann)
Ringspann-0118 1
Ernst Fritzemeier, Director of Technology, Production and Procurement at RINGSPANN: "Thanks to the takeover of Ostelectric, we are now also a manufacturer of electro-hydraulic lifting devices, which are amongst the most important functional elements of electro-hydraulic drum and disk brakes." (Image: Ringspann)
Ringspann-0118 2
With immediate effect, a wide selection of electro-hydraulic drum brakes such as the depicted DT 200 FEM (up to 310 Nm brake torque) now also form part of RINGSPANN’s industrial brake portfolio. (Image: Ringspann)
Ringspann-0118 3
Thanks to the swift integration of the Ostelectric range, the RINGSPANN portfolio now also encompasses all currently relevant design and functional types of industrial brakes – including the control technology. The figure shows one of the new electro-hydraulic disc brakes from the DS 370 FEM series for braking torques of up to 19,900 Nm. (Image: Ringspann)